Noble souls gave up their dreams to fulfill ours

Sunday, May 28 — The Maui News: Thanks to the publisher of “Today’s Editorial”“Memorial Day’s true meanings,” John Heller’s cartoon — “An Eternity of Thanks,” and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard exposing our — “Insatiable thirst for regime change and unintended results.”

Thanks to letter writers — “More than one day needed to recognize sacrifices” and “Abusing free speech comes with a cost.” Also, Marcus Garvey — “Intelligence rules the World, Ignorance carries the burden” (Thought for Today).

Michael Rubinkam of the AP (May 29) summed up — “It’s not about the picnics.” The lack of validity of conflicts we engaged in, is not the subject. On Memorial Day and throughout the years, those noble souls, total strangers to many of us, gave it all. They gave up their dreams for us to fulfill ours — a gift we’ll never be able to re-pay and their inspiration shall be eternal!

“It’s not acting within your rights, but rather doing what’s right.”

Alain Mei