‘Nuff already’ crowd needs to be held accountable

The angry “nuff already” crowd is at it again. They started with nuff astronomy already. Then came nuff sugar cane already; nuff Lahaina traffic repairs already; nuff union jobs already; nuff Iao flood control already; nuff tourism jobs already; nuff Upcountry water already; nuff airport already; nuff agriculture jobs already; nuff tunnel already; nuff plate lunch already — the list of things they are against, try to stop or protest is growing by the day. However, I could not believe my ears when it became nuff affordable housing already.

As candidates and wannabe politicians, it’s really cute to say nuff already. It can mean anything to anybody before you have to go on the record and vote. However, once you take office we get to find out exactly what you have had nuff of. Council Members Alika Atay, Elle Cochran and Kelly King voted against affordable workforce housing for our hardworking Maui families. If that was not bad enough, they put all kinds of conditions into the project that would hurt the homeowners, not the developer, before the vote.

My grandmother taught me that it’s not what you say but your actions that count. When they say they are for affordable housing, call them out on it. It’s time to hold them accountable for their stances, their actions and most importantly their votes.

Carl Lau