State reps need to back creative solution to traffic

The highly effective Sen. Roz Baker and Rep. Angus McKelvey need to step up to help solve West Maui traffic problems by adopting a reader’s excellent suggestion in the June 6 letters to the editor to introduce a lottery to pay for construction.

We have long needed creative solutions instead of just accepting the idea that a four-lane project just won’t happen, maybe for decades.

Among creative solutions is to begin four-lane construction past the tunnel on the Lahaina side of the pali. This would avoid the prohibitive expense of building a new tunnel.

Traffic generally backs up at its worst beyond the pali. Forget a new tunnel. Let those four lanes begin after the pali. The main reason for backups is two traffic lights near Lahaina.

A four-lane road would still encounter the two signals but traffic would still flow. Currently, the traffic does flow once at the four lanes that begin entering Lahaina even though drivers encounter traffic lights beginning at the aquatic center.

The beauty of a lottery is that it also could help pay for Oahu’s mass transit. Thus, Oahu reps also would be on board, eliminating the problem that we don’t get all that we need here because the state Legislature is Oahu-centric.

A colorful lottery ticket with Hawaiian images would appeal to visitors.

We on Maui need to stop saying impossible, demonstrable and get a wealthy community-minded person to finance lobbying trips to picket in Oahu.

Norm Bezane