Stop stewing and ask what needs to be done

The first 100 days have come and gone, while We the People soldier on. Those of us who live wise and kind should keep a few things firmly in mind: The good folk here, we know who we are — probably not applauded stars. The timer has rung to stop our stewing and ask ourselves what needs saying and doing, without hoping for grace from some god high above, yet performing small daily acts with great love.

And if Washington seems erratic or slow, recall what our forefathers wrote long ago. We might not like our new president but we still have three branches of government. Those checks and balances worked back when. Chances are, if required, they’ll serve us again.

Even so, we’re due for a turbulent ride and could use real help surfing the tide. This comes as we waken to spiritual truth, which may not be found in the church of our youth. With our knowing and practices born from each heart, We the People perfect living art. The consensual world grows chaotic, diseased, while we enjoy inner strength, inner peace.

Wake yourself up. Shed all addictions. Do some good. Then go home.

Marian E. Abbott