Trump needs to act his chronological age

For those who are worried that the news has a negative bias toward Trump, a simple solution is to tell your president, because he sure isn’t mine, to act his chronological age instead of acting like a spoiled child.

Come on, most adults would not fire someone who was investigating them. They remember another president who did that. That didn’t work out so good for him.

If there is nothing there? What harm would it do? Remember Benghazi, nine investigations and not an ounce of blame. I remember seeing Republicans salivating trying to put the blame on Secretary Clinton.

About his claim that his health care is going to be better. Well, I guess he did deliver on that one. His health care is going to be better but ours kind of disappears. His claim he wouldn’t cut Medicaid, more than $800 billion cut.

We are now one of three countries that are not in the Paris Accord: Syria, because of their civil war; Nicaragua, because it wasn’t strict enough; and us, because of our ignorant president. So tell him to read up on world politics, get rid of Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus, and act like an adult.

James Hoover