Bus dispatchers rely on two sources of information

With regard to a July 7 letter to the editor titled “Maui Bus dispatchers rely on printed schedules,” I would like to clarify for readers and riders that there are actually two separate questions that staff are frequently asked: 1) “What time is my bus supposed to be here?”; and 2) “Where is my bus?”

While those two questions may sound similar, they actually have different answers with two very different sources of information.

To answer the first question, dispatchers would refer to the advertised schedules that are posted online and printed on all bus brochures. To answer the second question, dispatchers would refer to the GPS system that tracks buses’ locations in real time and even allows passengers themselves to see where their bus is.

Please keep in mind that buses are not immune to traffic delays and road closures due to accidents and incidents. I’m sorry to hear about the inconvenience the letter writer experienced with the Maui Bus service. Our county DOT staff and Roberts drivers, dispatchers and managers all strive to keep the buses on time for the 7,000 passengers daily that rely on Maui Bus service.

Passengers can track Maui Buses in real time by downloading and using the Rider app by TransLoc. This app lets users track buses on a map and get accurate arrival predictions for their regular stops. The app is available on iOS and Android or at mauibus.transloc.com.

Please do not hesitate to call our county Department of Transportation at 270-7511 with questions.

Don Medeiros, Director

County of Maui Department of Transportation