Candidate chose not to raise money from donors

Are you also “sweating like a pig” this summer already?

Funnily, pigs don’t sweat much. The expression comes from smelting pig iron, an intermediate product of the iron industry. As the hot metal cools, it “sweats,” or droplets form on the surface.

Yes, I am one of “those self-proclaimed candidates for office who have no campaign advertising budget” (Letters, June 29). In the last election for mayor, I chose to not raise money from donors, who might extort me for “favas,” once I get elected.

In the last election, I invested $13,425. I got 697 votes.

In next year’s election for mayor, I will again not raise money. I plan to only spend the $50 county filing fee. I want to take money out of the upcoming mayoral race.

Having been in business and never held elected office, I have a compelling dream of creating Mauitopia (see A place which will model for the world what a non-corrupt politics looks like.

By creating Mauitopia, we can make Maui truly no ka oi!

Ori Kopelman