Fees and taxes increase yet problems remain

With car insurance, house insurance and medical insurance, the cost of living continues to rise yearly at an alarming rate. For those of us that live on Maui, we get to pay even more — the rise in property tax (the county does nothing for or on my property), car registration, gasoline tax, the highest in the state increase in sewer and rubbish fees.

Yet, look at our roads — Makawao Avenue, South Kihei Road, etc. Drive around Upcountry, you can’t see guardrails now because the grass/weeds has now got it covered. Abandoned vehicles on the side of the road. Why? There is no place that these unwanted vehicles can be dumped for no cost. (How much does it cost to remove them after they are stripped and burned?)

Refrigerators, freezers, stoves, TVs and other appliances dumped on the side of the road and now even household rubbish. (What does it cost to pick rubbish and appliances on the side of the road?) Why?

We now get charged $3 to dump at the landfill that has no designated area or bin to dump appliances, oil, etc. Pay to dump at the landfill that can’t be opened on Sundays?

County officials, mayor, County Council, where is all our tax money going to? You make the beautiful island of Maui ugly in more ways than one, and just as sad, you making it unaffordable to the locals!

Joe Medeiros