Increases in fees and taxes are hurting people

This is getting too much: raising refuse, car tax, property taxes, etc. People have limited incomes. Did you all ever think about that? Talk about homeless. You, the people in office, are putting them out there. Rent is so high now; our children and grandchildren have moved away or move back to mommy and daddy’s house. Shame on you all.

Let’s talk about car tax. Well, our roads are so bad in Kihei. What’s up with that? As taxpayers, we pay all these taxes and our roads aren’t fixed. Fix our roads!

The water sewage fee is ridiculous. By watering our lawn, it doesn’t go into the sewer. This is a rip-off! Meter service fee, come on! Where do property taxes go? We the people take care of our property, not you!

Refuse, why do we have all three cans and some don’t? Do you have some people separating the trash at the dump? Come on! This increase only adds more money in your pockets.

I’m so sick and tired of all the lies; you people on the council jeopardize a lot of families. Now new gated homes in Wailea for the rich; stop and start helping the locals who were born and raised here. You guys make us look stupid when you know you guys already have it set. I call it greed!

We need to get our rights back. Come on, let’s get together and do the walk, not just the talk!

Janet Vargas Monibog