Neither major party deserves to win in 2018

Since the inauguration of Donald Trump, Democrats in Congress have done nothing but obstruct and resist. They keep pushing bogus theories in a useless attempt at an unjustified impeachment.

Meanwhile, the Republicans have a golden opportunity to push a really conservative agenda and the Democrats can do nothing to stop it. But they are blowing that. They can’t agree on a health bill or get to the tax reform that the president wants. Nor have they even approved all of the president’s appointments.

It has to be really frustrating for a president who is not a politician who is actually trying to keep his promises to not get any help even from his own party. At some point, Trump will have to break away from the Republican Party and form his own.

I don’t know what to expect in the 2018 midterms. Neither party deserves it. It is time for new parties to arise. Libertarians may have their chance, but they need better candidates than Gary Johnson, aka Stoned Gary.

Erin McLaughlin