The real issue with health care legislation

Sen. Mitch McConnell said July 24 that he has a responsibility to represent his constituents and so he has crafted health care legislation that is currently supported by less than 20 percent of Americans. Today, Obamacare is supported by over 50 percent of Americans and it allows the United States to join the entire rest of the industrialized world regarding healthcare.

Mind you, Sen. McConnell presides over the entire Senate, which is comprised of a number of different constituencies, not just those from his state.

Do we elect politicians on the basis of getting our way and imposing our will on others even if we are in a minority view? Not only does that sound undemocratic, but it also seems unpatriotic, given that this nation was built on the notion of “Government for the people, by the people.” It doesn’t say, government for some of the people and (specifically) not others.

What happened to “One nation, under God”? Is it one nation for some people and another nation for others? It appears as if getting re-elected has less to do with leadership and more to do with pandering to individual groups of people and corporate donors.

I wonder what would happen if people in Congress did not receive free lifetime “Gold Package” health care plans? We create winners and losers among brothers by electing a privileged class to govern us.

I think the majority of Americans believe in reasonable compromise rather than pitting brother against brother.

Nick Drance