Two groups possess different consciousness

Trump people and anti-Trump people do not understand each other. They have different mentalities. Clashes of this nature have always occurred when an age changes. Remnants of the old order remain, as a contingent of the new makes its presence known.

Presently, we have large numbers of people who might be called Pisceans, reflecting a highly conditioned psychology. We also have those who might be called Aquarians. No one can doubt that these people possess a completely different consciousness.

Pisceans tend to be conditioned and fooled by authority figures. In fact, Pisceans are oriented toward father figures. They seek protection and security from the strong and, often, choose leaders out of fear or prejudice. Pisceans are often raised in fear and seem always conscious of the threat of divine or civil punishment. Their God is combative, vindictive, patriarchal and wrathful.

Aquarians distrust strong leaders and pay little attention to divine retribution. They are freer, less fearful, more educated and have a more inclusive and extensible consciousness. Unfortunately, their minds are too often diverted by technology. Their consciousness is too often frivolously elsewhere.

Whereas Pisceans tend to revolve around family, friends, party or church, and always long for the golden past, Aquarians embrace the world, the planet and the future.

Raphael O’Suna