Visit to Lahaina library a delightful experience

Watch out, Barnes & Noble. You are losing business. Amazon book department, you are in jeopardy too!

The Lahaina library can provide all the books we need on Maui. If you have not gone to our library, you are missing a great experience. You can get books, magazines, audiobooks for your tablet, movies and music. All for free!

It is truly a delightful experience. Located on the harbor, it is reminiscent of your childhood library, just charming. Plus the staff is fun and efficient. They are a pleasure to visit.

You can search a book on the internet, request it and before you know it, you have an email stating the book is waiting for you. You can get the newly released best-sellers very fast.

Give it a try. Donate the money you used to spend on books to the Maui Humane Society.

Ally Harney