Water restrictions unfair to Upcountry residents

Another restriction for Upcountry water users was just put in place by the water department. In my 38 years of owning Upcountry, we have had water restrictions of some sort in 32 of them. No other region on Maui has anywhere near these restrictions. They get their water from wells even though they have less rainfall in areas like Kihei, Lahaina and Central Maui.

Catchment systems Upcountry do not get water when rainfall is less. It is time to think of drilling wells so Upcountry can be treated like other areas of Maui in water usage. Many are waiting for meters, yet all other areas of Maui get their meters in a timely manner.

Politicians have neglected Upcountry. When an area of Maui has restrictions, all areas should be asked to conserve. When all of Maui has to feel like second-class citizens and get tired of restrictions there will be fixes.

All areas of Maui got their systems with capital improvement funds or working agreements with other entities to bring service. The water department seems to think drilling will be hard. If countries can drill in the Andes, Himalayas and Alps, why can’t we drill on slopes of Haleakala?

If the county refuses to finally fix our water issues, Upcountry residents should be allowed to withhold taxes until we are treated like all the other island residents in the area of water. Negligence by our county councils and mayors is no longer acceptable and these restriction issues need to be finally addressed.

Dennis Fitzpatrick