Accommodations can be made to save our trees

Thank you for the Aug. 3 Viewpoint, “Stop assault on shade trees.” I have lobbied for years to maintain our old-growth trees, to refrain from overpruning newer trees, especially in mall parking lots, and to plant more trees in public spaces as well as around commercial areas.

Our island is heating up, in part because of more construction that absorbs and radiates out heat. The easy solution in part is to create more shade. A beautiful monkeypod on Front Street in Lahaina providing much needed shade was growing in the middle of a sidewalk. When sidewalk improvements called for removing the tree, Lahaina residents were successful in saving it. The improvements now circle the tree.

This shows us that accommodations can be made by both the county and state to save our trees. I applaud the state for planting flourishing shower trees along the medial strip into Lahaina. Yes, they require maintenance but the contribution in beauty and in decreasing carbon and heat more that compensate. Thank you, Maui Green & Beautiful, for your ongoing vigilance and work to promote trees on Maui.

Penny Wakida