Alma Henderson made contributions to MCC

Time tempers memories. In the Aug. 20 edition of The Maui News, I learned of the passing of Alma Henderson, my former provost at Maui Community College.

Our relationship was far from smooth, and throughout our tenure we were often at odds about any number of faculty-administrative issues. Given this, I was especially moved by the kind and wonderful comments about Alma from former faculty member Dick Mayer, who, like me, was often at cross purposes with Alma.

From the vantage point of time passed, I found his comments truthful, and in retrospect fairly accurate. During her time on Maui, and immediately afterwards, Alma did not receive anywhere near the public credit she deserved for the major expansion of the campus’s physical plant — very inadequate and in horrible shape when she arrived.

The planning and initial construction of the current campus with its excellent facilities started in earnest during her stewardship — and this major contribution of her work requires both mentioning and recognition as well as we remember her. Unfortunately, Alma’s rise through the ranks of the university happened at a time when competent women were not as able to do so as today.

This historical fact needs noticing! She is now being given some of the credit she deserves for her contributions to Maui’s post-secondary evolution.

Vincent Linares, Professor Emeritus