Correct situation at The Fairways and sell lots

The County of Maui looks to “affordable housing” as the answer to the fiasco called The Fairways. As predicted, the great wall is failing.

Kiawe and haole koa trees are sprouting amid the decorative towering retaining wall. Over the years the decorative fence has collapsed with retaining wall blocks to the swale below and has been left for years in disrepair. The residents below have to watch for shrapnel like shards of splitting fences in high winds.

I would like to invite the Maui County Council, the Public Works Department, Director David Goode, Engineering Department inspectors, corporation counsel, Mayor Arakawa and anyone thinking affordable housing is a fair and honest answer to the problem that the county acquired to visit the Fairways.

Stroll the fenced side of the development to witness our concern firsthand. Imagine yourself as the individual, as the homeowner. Calculate the expense to maintain your “mudfill” property or having adjoining fill property eventually affect yours. New homeowners eventually will be required to pay maintenance expenses they never dreamed of with nowhere to turn. Ride the bus back to your chamber then vote.

Please consider finding a developer who is willing to truly invest in Maui County. Work with them and correct the situation, then sell the lots. Don’t use affordable housing term as your pitch to look the other way and say come what may.

Annette L. Heu