Don’t give attention to players who won’t stand

Eric Reid of the San Francisco 49ers did a kneel-down during the National Anthem in a recent preseason game after saying he would stand. That along with all the other kneel-downs in other preseason games has shown an ongoing contentious problem for the NFL where they are going to continue to lose viewing audience from those of us who feel a lack of respect by these players for our flag and country.

Rather than have the networks and TV commentators focus on these player/protesters, why don’t they just treat them under the same policy they have for the fans who run onto the field during the game, by not showing them on camera? You always hear announcers say “there is someone on the playing field seeking attention, and we refuse to give them viewer attention, so as not to encourage others to do the same.”

Or, the NFL team owners can have the players who want to continue with the kneel-down protest stay in the locker room, or off field of play until after the National Anthem.

Do something, NFL and Network TV, or continue to see your sport and viewership erode.

Bob Bakmaz