Don’t let vocal minority dictate land use policy

I was sitting in the gallery at the County Council listening to the same ol’ people, singing the same ol’ song, protesting the Makila Kai affordable housing project: “too much traffic, no water, ag land, sacred land, no EIS, reef contamination(?), NIMBY,” etc., ad nauseam.

With all due respect to the County Council, it has got to stop letting the vocal minority dictate land use policy on Maui. So what if 10, 20, 30 people protest against a project? Maui’s population is approximately 160,000.

Many of the applicants for Makila Kai are teachers. They work during the day and do not have the luxury to give testimony in the middle of the day, but the same ol’ vocal minority does. This is what they do. They throw out these red herrings to deflect the crux of the matter: affordable housing for real, hardworking, local residents.

Please do not let the vocal minority dictate land use policy in Maui County. Enough is enough. Mahalo on behalf of the silent majority: 160,000 local residents.

Paul F. Fasi