Earth is entering a cyclical period of global cooling

How ironic that Chicken Little’s global warming disciples will soon have egg on their collective faces as it becomes incontrovertibly clear that the Earth is entering a long-established, cyclical period of global cooling, which is known by the real, unbought climate scientists as the “Maunder Minimum.”

This phenomenon features the most important climatic factor by far, which the global warmists inexplicably overlooked in their calculations. We know this omitted factor as “the sun.”

Although the process is just beginning, there is already evidence of a cooling sun in such recent events as the climate-induced vegetable shortage in England, record low temperature in Greenland, 5-meter-thick polar ice that stranded a research ship from Manitoba, Canada, on its way to prove global warming, and snow skiing this July at many resorts.

So much for the vaunted, politically driven consensus “science” that has been force-fed to us at a cost of billions from the U.S. treasury in an effort to assist the U.N. in imposing carbon-emission quotas on the various nations of the world. The stated goal is to enable poor, underdeveloped countries to sell unused portions of generous quotas to the richer countries and thereby accomplish an unprecedented transfer of wealth from the latter to the former. That would be great for the poor countries and the international banks that would participate, but it would be very bad for the successful Western nations whose living standards would necessarily be negatively impacted.

Dan Speas