From albatross to cats, animal abuse unacceptable

From albatross to feral cats, the incidents of animal abuse in Hawaii are unacceptable. There has evolved a social acceptance of cruelty, neglect, abandonment and killing that depicts a society in need of moral and ethical help.

It is common knowledge backed by scientific study that animal abuse and the acceptance of killing them often leads to domestic and child abuse as well as a disturbing disrespect for life in general.

On Maui, there are pockets of such abhorrence. People living in these areas who have had their pets killed, maimed or removed know what locations I’m talking about, as well as do the perpetrators whether they be individuals or agencies. Does anyone remember the paraquat poisonings in Kihei as just one of hundreds of documented incidents? A reminder to all that these activities are a waste of valuable resources, not to mention illegal and carry monetary and possibly jail penalties. Reporting these acts is the right thing to do as there may be more occurrences in the area that you are unaware of and it may save lives.

Let these people know it is no longer acceptable behavior on Maui and that our island is a safe and happy place for people to visit and live, not a place of a kind of social behavior that is unacceptable not only on the Mainland but in most other countries as well.

We want to depict to others we are a beautiful paradise, not a place of cruelty and death.

Leslie Farnel

For Forgotten Felines