Honolulu rail tax a done deal?

I am coming straight out and saying the Honolulu rail system is an absolute scam! It was ill-conceived and faces massive financial problems which Maui people will more than likely pay for.

Personally, I’m for tearing it down for it shouldn’t have been built in the first place as many experts echoed. I personally don’t visit the concrete mess of Honolulu any more and definitely feel it is unfair for Big Islanders having to pay for Honolulu’s mess or opala too.

I say make Oahu people pay for it for it is their rail system and not Maui residents, for it is their problem. When the state of Hawaii is facing shortfalls as far as the financial budget goes, why even talk about a Special Session? It is just another example of how the state of Hawaii wastes our hard-earned dollars. We definitely got to vote every incumbent out of office in the next elections, which is the understatement of the millennium.

Personally, I’m tired of the high and rising cost of supposed paradise. Either Maui becomes the 51st state in the nation or an independent Hawaiian nation, which many would have no other way. Personally, I’m for an independent Hawaiian nation for Hawaii is illegally occupied at the present time.

I’m truly a person of the great Bible and it states, “Thou shall not steal” and Hawaii was definitely stolen from the kanaka maoli. Enough said!

Dean Nagasako

Honokaa, Hawaii