Not an Einstein but got a degree in engineering

I’m no Einstein! I learned that while taking an honors physics class at college at Stanford University. I could barely comprehend my 20 genius classmates, who might be some of today’s Einsteins.

I was sure I failed the class. Happily, I got a B. Amazingly, I got an A in the next semester.

A recent TV series highlighted Albert Einstein’s brilliance. In 1952, Israel offered him the presidency. He turned it down. But wouldn’t it make sense to have someone with as good a mind as his, who can quickly see all sides of a problem, lead a country?

While I’m no Einstein, I got a degree in engineering and became a project management consultant. I focused my decent mind on solving practical problems. I have dozens of testimonials of how I helped companies get projects done in half the time, at half the cost, while having double the fun.

A client of mine in Miami, Fla., developed an “Intellipad.” It controlled all the stereo equipment in a home. They completed it in nine months compared to 18 months on an earlier, comparable project.

Having lived on Maui for 25 years, I have also developed my heart. I could lead our county to work more efficiently, while having more fun.

I have a dream of creating Mauitopia (see A place where we could all be who we truly are. In next year’s election, I’d be honored to become your mayor, as I understand thoroughly E=MC2.

Ori Kopelman