Schatz needs to give earlier notice of town hall meetings

U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz tiptoed onto Maui for a “town hall” meeting. The meeting was not on his website and was not announced in the local media until the day of the town hall meeting. The Maui News reported that the meeting would take place at noon the same day it was first reported on Aug. 22.

I was able to attend because I am retired. I don’t know of many citizens that can read the morning paper and be able to show up to a town hall meeting at noon the same day. I arrived early and spoke with people there. All of the people I spoke to had been emailed by Sen. Schatz’s office about the town hall meeting about two weeks before the meeting. They were all Sen. Schatz supporters and they all wanted President Trump impeached.

Sen. Schatz was kind enough to speak with me after the meeting. We spoke about several items but when I told him the people of Maui need earlier notice of future town hall meetings, Sen. Schatz backed up and walked away.

Jeff McCammack