Stranger appears at door, makes false accusation

Question: Has anyone else been visited recently by an apparently furious young man they couldn’t remember ever seeing before? Answer: I was.

I live downstairs on a busy street. On a recent afternoon, I heard a pounding on my front door. I was confronted by a young man, maybe 30, with a medium build, olive complexion, bareheaded with short, curly black hair and a modest black mustache. He was screaming at me:

“Do you want to go to jail?! Do you want to pay a $10,000 fine?! You backed into a wall — did a lot of damage!” He demanded to see my driver’s license and photographed it — which I foolishly allowed.

We went out front, and he photographed the rear of my pickup. “I recognized your truck. See . . . the rear bumper slants (slightly) from right to left.”

Then he jumped into a car driven by another man and they roared off. I was so bowled over I didn’t copy their license plate or ask for his I.D. And I have never backed into any walls.

Dave Slocum