The sports section was very good on Aug. 4

The Maui News is not worth 75 cents, period! Sorry guys, that’s too much money for we can get off our newest iPhone. However, the 75 cents I spent on the Aug. 4 paper was worth it as I drank my coffee in the morning. And nothing on the front page and first section got my attention — same old, same old. The cops kneed a protester. Sad, but whatever, stuff happens.

The sports section, however, was very good. A good story, a good kine feel good kine like dat. Maui High School’s head baseball coach, Chase Corniel, is stepping down to be with his son and his family. His priorities are in place. Wow! Why cannot get more of this kine, Maui News?

Chase’s son has a physical issue, and his decision to be there more for his ohana is admirable. Not saying protesting a cause is not. Because each person’s belief should be respected. But maybe Chase’s story or one of this nature should grace your front page headline kine, boom! Hit ’em with a good story, guys.

What, no can? Yeah no can because bad news sells more copies. I get it. Violence sells, evil sells, but good stories? Nah!

Good job, Chase, you just proved good guys do exist more than not. You got my vote for father of the year, bradda!

Ronald Sambrano