Trump’s latest insult: ‘The White House is a dump’

Two departed “icons,” eternal heroes to so many, once stated, “Winning is the only thing” and “Don’t apologize, it’s a sign of weakness.” — Vince Lombardi and John Wayne. Falsehood and machismo!

Now, a bad hombre, capricious, vicious, destructive “juvenile” occupies the Oval Office. Wrong motivations, erroneous teachings, lack of principles, instant gratification, et voila, a rather ugly conception — the I, me and myself creation, alive and well, kindness becomes weakness?

His latest insult to all Americans this time, “the White House is a dump!” Yours truly, truculent, temper tantrums toddler. Lafayette would politely submit, “zee monarch acquired tastefulness should not be questioned, after all, he has rested his delicate derriere on gold-plated toilets countless times (private jet).”

Deflect, divert, distract and dictate — a perfect combo and it works in Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, etc. Alas, for the child at play, eventually he will have to face the most formidable adversary, the Constitution of the United States, and suing, firing and buying won’t provide the usual escapes. Ahhhhhhh the framers!

Sadly, dividing has been given preference over uniting, and promoted to such a level that violence in this great country of ours is omnipresent. Impeaching, revenge, shaming his family are the wrong answers! Reconciliation is a must!

When fiction is out and the facts are in, this defeatist, in no uncertain terms, shall be made aware of the “do’s” and “don’ts” and perhaps walk away with some decency left.

Alain Mei