Trump’s lies prop up his hollow self

Trump is a barker, but one who does not know what is in the tent. He can be described in more intellectual or psychological terms, but to call him a loudmouth, Bluto-like buffoon, is hard to beat.

Nevertheless, it might be helpful to identify the core of his personality. That would be an inner emptiness. He lacks principles, ideas, beliefs, self-knowledge and an awareness of his true place in the universe, in the world, in his community and in the minds of others.

It is obvious that he is an unread dilettante, a man with little impulse control, a habit of fabrication and one who always overcompensates for his unconvincingness in situations regarding thought. His lies serve an important psychological purpose, they prop up his hollow self.

One wonders if he has mirrors in his rooms; and why it is that he cannot stop compensating for the thousand slights he received as a child and the many failures he experienced as an adult. He is a true New Yorker, in the mold of Leona Helmsley. He is entertaining at a distance, but dangerous on close examination. And now he has found his Goebbels in Scaramucci.

The man’s posturing, coarseness, appeals to emotion, instincts, illusory nostalgia, anger and fear have, however, carried him forward on a wave of foam.

The risk is that the vacancy sign hung on his heart and his need to escape the vagrancy of his mind will bring to us calamity.

Raphael O’Suna