We continue false notions of what progress means

Many scientists are now claiming that our teenage children will live to experience massive changes, maybe cataclysmic, in the Earth’s temperature, water levels, hurricanes, floods and droughts. Some of these changes are already being witnessed and experienced around the world.

Are you with me so far, or have you switched to “American Idol” or some such way you turn away from any uncomfortable feelings? We often push those feelings away and carry on business as usual, believing that surely technologies and governments will save the day and surely those scientists can’t be right. We continue on in false notions of what true progress means and, of course, humans are meant to triumph over nature!

We might just give up at the immensity of it all and say, “What’s the point?” and party on. Or, we find deeper purpose and meaning with the uncertain time we have.

It’s easy to imagine why so many people, especially young people, are experiencing hopelessness, powerlessness and anxiety.

Here on Maui I see little evidence that our local and state governments are showing any concern for the changes brewing. Instead, here come more shopping centers, more unbridled developments where “affordable housing” is priced at $400,000, more traffic congestion and no obvious plan for weaning ourselves from shipped-in food and real energy independence.

Is the strategy just to run to Costco and load up on toilet paper, rice and water when what looks inevitable arrives? That, and marijuana dispensaries. We all be “chill,” or not.

Bodhi Be