Why did government let death, injury happen?

Responding to the Aug. 17 editorial, again the leftist mentality of The Maui News is front and center.

Let’s start by clearing the air: I see no place for neo-Nazis or white supremacists in our society. That said, I have, and would, defend to the death their right to speak their mind publicly.

The editorial wrote not a single word about the protesters from the other side.

Let’s revisit the scene. Approximately 500 people, out of a population of 340,000,000, got a permit to speak in a public park. My thought, had the world just turned their backs and let the event play out, nothing would have happened, nothing.

But we all know what did happen. People who did not have a permit showed up with confrontation in their hearts. Who were these people? Organizations that identify with communism, socialism and although they say they are anti-fascist, they are in fact the opposite.

So instead of total hysteria over 500 unimportant people in a park, why not some real reporting and concern about the fact that a highly ready police force were neutered by a democratic/leftist government.

I am not a conspiracy-minded person, but you have to ask why a government that was in charge stood by and let death and injury happen.

For me, the main reason that we have a government is to protect its citizens, and let’s face it, in this case they failed.

Bill Botts