Bad leaders put in power by one or more groups

Historically bad leaders have been placed in power by one or more groups of people. Poor leaders have been placed in power by moneymen: business leaders, bankers, monopolists and members of cartels.

Terrible tyrants have come to power with the aid of anti-democratic generals and colonels. Lastly, ignorant people have placed atrocious people at the head of government.

Ignorance provides its own excuse for self-enslavement. But ignorant people sometimes choose poorly to protest their social and economic conditions. As well as their conditioned and illusory nostalgia for a past golden age.

Businesspeople can make and break a presidency or other form of leadership. Bankers and businessmen control the flow of money, the economy and the state of the Treasury. Has anyone heard a Chamber of Commerce comment negatively on the impotent and malignant narcissist in the White House? As long as this dull-brained, mindless buffoon does its bidding — or promises to do it — no complaints will be heard.

Military men have played a minimal role in electing presidents in this country, but generals and colonels, often with the support of this country, have removed democratic governments throughout the world. But even in America, generals tried to intimidate Kennedy; they ruined Johnson’s presidency; and now have increasing influence over the cadet in the White House.

To quote an old saying: Any fool can throw a gold coin in a pond which 10 wise men can’t recover.

When Obama finally speaks out, Trump will go berserk.

Raphael O’Suna