Climate change denial destroys GOP’s credibility

How many extreme weather events will it take before people stop believing the false prophets who deny climate change? The true prophets — scientists — have been telling us what will happen as a result of our addiction to fossil fuels.

They have predicted more powerful storms, rising sea levels, droughts, flooding, and many other costly and disruptive changes. Their predictions have come true over and over, with the problems accelerating at the predicted rate.

Why does it matter that some people continue to follow the false prophets? Because our political system lets one party block actions to alleviate the problem. There was a time when I respected the Republican Party. That time has passed. Their climate change denial, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, destroys the very core of their credibility.

Climate change is the problem of our lives, affecting us, our children and our grandchildren for years to come. Ignoring it, and worse yet denying it, is worse than stupid; it is nothing short of evil.

Mitch Bradley