Conservatives seem to accept ‘facts’ without proof

Regarding “Time for progressive columnist to resign” (Letters, Sept. 14): One should be careful when putting characteristics on people that are not there but are blatant in one’s own character. You see, conservatives seem to accept “facts” that have no proof backing them up, i.e., Barack Obama was born in Kenya when facts say he was born in Hawaii. Global warming is a farce, there are some who still accept this “fact” when even the oil company scientists accept the fact that it is humans who are contributing to this through their own report dated as early as 1979.

If “Donnie Drumpf” put America first, how come his company just filed documents to have foreign workers work at Mar-a-Lago? As for the “narcissist” who destroyed this country, I seem to remember a slight little blurp on the economy in 2008 before he even took office where we were hemorrhaging jobs at 8 million a month.

Maybe people ought to not rely on Fox News as a reliable research engine since it has been proved to not be reliable.

James Hoover