Five suggestions to improve traffic in Paia

I am a resident of Haiku and have to endure the traffic buildup going through Paia, both ways. I hereby offer some suggestions:

1. Eliminate the two pedestrian crossings at the parking lot entrance and at Charley’s. Cars will stop to allow pedestrians to cross but sometimes wait for somebody still some distance away, thus blocking traffic from moving through the intersection. One crosswalk, at the traffic light, should be enough.

2. Eliminate street parking from the Shell station to Baldwin Avenue. This will allow cars making a right turn to move out of the way and facilitate the flow moving through the intersection.

3. Eliminate parking from Bank of Hawaii to Hana Highway. This will allow cars making a right turn onto Hana Highway to move out of the way of cars making a left turn.

4. Do not allow a left turn into the Minit Stop when driving east. Cars trying to make a left sometimes have to wait a long time to get through oncoming traffic, thus blocking everybody behind them.

5. Enlarge the parking lot. I will leave that up to the Planning Department, but I’m sure there is room between the current parking lot and the shortcut that goes up to the post office for this expansion.

The traffic situation in Paia is already desperate. Imagine what it will be like once all these new subdivisions are built in Haiku.

Arturo Wesley