Free film about protecting coral reefs will screen

Thank you for providing your readers with the monthly column “Ka Mo’olelo Moana” by Maui Ocean Center staff members. I am writing regarding the Sept. 3 column, “‘Zinc’-twice about sun protection alternatives,” by Evan Pascual.

He talked about his involvement in the World Conservation Congress a year ago in Honolulu and how one of the main environmental challenges that was discussed was sun-screen pollution and its danger to coral reefs. He suggested ways to be safer in the ocean and urged us all to stop using any sunscreen that contains oxybenzone, octinoxate and octocrylene, which are toxic not just to coral but also algae, sea urchins, fish, mammals and even humans.

The importance of protecting our coral reefs is the subject of the Netflix film, “Chasing Coral,” which will be shown for free on Sept. 14 at 5:30 at the UH-MC ‘Ike Le’a Building, Room 144, followed by a panel of local experts offering ways we can all help to protect this fragile resource.

This film is sponsored by Organizing for Action, University of Hawaii Maui College Sustainable Science Management and the Chasing Coral Team. Without a healthy ocean, we do not have a healthy planet.

Lucy Feinberg