God communicates with humanity in different ways

In my letter published in The Maui News on Aug. 18 titled “Are events a coincidence or a sign of the times?” I pointed out that God communicates with humanity in many different ways, through “signs in the heavens” and in other ways that appear on the surface to be purely coincidence — but are they?

Take for example a seemingly trivial thing like the runner-up to last year’s World Series, the Cleveland Indians, ending a 22-game winning streak. I knew before their next game was played they would lose. Why? Because on the two highest Jewish holy days of the year both end in the number 22.

Rosh Hashana is on 9-21-2017=22. Yom Kippur is on 9-30-2017=22, the gates close and the Jubilee year ends. There will not be another for 50 years. The 22-game streak ended and a 50-year cycle ended. What new beginning is in store for humanity now? It gives us something to think about.

The country was divided in half by the total solar eclipse of the sun on Aug. 21. This one’s obvious. We are a nation divided. We are a world divided. This is not a sustainable situation. It cannot last. Something must replace it. But what?

Bruce R. Travis