Highways Division doing questionable job on bypass

On Sept. 14 The Maui News had an article about the Lahaina bypass. In it, Ed Sniffen, Highways Division deputy director, talked about the progress of the project.

The newest section of the bypass from Hokiokio Street to Cut Mountain near Olowalu will be completed by March and the department would like to start putting traffic on it by February. That sounds just like the state. Let’s put the drivers on the road before it is finished.

Will this be the new alignment of Highway 30, only going north with one lane and two lanes going south, 30 and bypass? If there are 8,000 cars coming from Wailuku side daily, as written, the one-lane north will still be as crowded as now but at least you may get home a little quicker, except at the Cut Mountain interchange.

Also, Keawe Street in the morning going to Kaanapali will be backed up. Looks like the state highways has everything under control. Not!

Steven B. Ashfield