Hillary Clinton’s book has 42 different excuses

Wow, just finished reading “Lying Hillary’s” book “What Happened.”

I counted 42 different excuses from Matt Lauer, James “the political hack” Comey to the fake Russian conspiracy the ultra-left has picked up on that has thus far found no evidence even with the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller being in the Clinton camp.

What has come up is the illegal wiretap used by the Obama administration of Paul Manafort to spy on the Trump campaign. I’m seriously hoping Jeff Sessions picks this up and puts a special prosecutor on the case to investigate Obama and Hillary as well as all the pay-to-play schemes used by The Clinton Global Initiative while Hillary was secretary of state.

If Hillary really wanted to know what happened, you can find it on the cover without reading the book. Hillary Clinton, the author of the book, was the most corrupt, self-absorbed person that the Democrats could have run.

Bottom line, we the patriots that believe in the Constitution and salute the American flag were sick and tired of watching our great country go in the wrong direction. I thank the Democratic National Committee and Debbie Wasserman Schultz for handing Hillary the nomination. Our country will only get better from here, although it might take as much as 20 years to recover from the Obama era of incompetence.

Fred Pieracci