Honolulu rail system a nightmare from hell

With many saying the Honolulu rail system’s exorbitant price could easily reach the $15 billion mark, it is definitely a nightmare from hell. I say tear down this satanic project for it is already a failure and is anti-business, costing customers and businesses.

In addition to that, even if the system is completed, people, especially the innocent keiki, will more than likely continue to pay the price forever to cover shortfalls due to lack of ridership to cover operating expenses. Many an Oahu resident have told me they will not give up the convenience of their vehicles for it can take them virtually everywhere this scam of a rail system can’t.

Boy oh boy, the Honolulu rail system is a nightmare from the lake of fire. I’d rather see the taxes I pay go to a world-class arena where it could host a NBA team, world-class fashion events and the kitchen sink. The Honolulu rail system is the second coming of Captain “Crook.” Enough said!

Dean Nagasako

Honokaa, Hawaii island