Neo-Nazis, others, spit on graves of Holocaust victims

An Aug. 23 letter writer states, “I see no place for neo-Nazis or white supremacists in our society but I would defend their right to speak their mind publicly.” Eighty million lives (Jews, Russians, Europeans, etc.) savagely taken away — gas chambers, execution galore — in chorus-like fashion are screaming, “We hear you but where were you?”

The writer adds, “500 people out of a population of 340,000,000 got a permit to speak.” These peaceful souls with Nazi paraphernalia, these armed men in camouflage clothing, never, ever intended to harangue, insult, provoke or harm and, according to our juvenile monarch, “some are good people!” Make no mistake, they spit on the graves of the Holocaust victims!

The writer goes on, “What’s the hysteria over 500 unimportant people?” The good German people became irrelevant during the rise of a small unimportant group — the Brown Shirts — and Hitler, they kept silent, they did exactly what the writer suggests.

That same day another writer accused “a la Trump” the media of demonizing the protesters with a permit and their goal: to force Trump from office to yield to Saint Hillary for the presidency, again, clearly identify the enemy within (see marching signs) — Jews, blacks, LGBT.

By the way, Trump doesn’t need help out of office. Jerry Falwell Jr. stated, “there were very fine people in that group” (KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists). Another false messiah harnessing people’s needs, fears and the desire to be part of something. XXI century?

Alain Mei