Obama was a net loss in eight years as president

This is in reference the Sept. 6 letter that said a letter about Obama should not have been printed.

You have to be kidding about The Maui News not printing a letter. After eight months of reading the vile things the letter writer, and dozens of other like-minded thinkers have written, if pity is warranted, let’s direct it to those who want to stifle free speech.

This may come as a surprise to you folks on the left, but we despised Mr. Obama more than you despise Mr. Trump. We, for the most part, think Mr. Obama was a net loss for his eight years as our president.

Need examples? How about setting race relations back 50 years in this country, or doubling the national debt, to name two.

But I digress. To the meat of the letter writer’s point, according to a Dec. 15, 2015, article in the Washington Times it was then estimated 180 Christians in 60 countries were killed each month for no reason other than their faith.

The article went on to say since 2011, the official legal refugee numbers admitted to the United States include 2,000 Muslims and only 53 Christians.

Mr. Obama, being Christian or not, seemed more concerned with “Islamophobia,” antagonism toward American Muslims and the worldwide Islamic community. He seemed much less concerned about the world’s Christians, which, for me, makes him complicit in their persecution.

Bill Botts