Possible conflict outcome may be sadder than fiction

Has anyone else noticed a resemblance between the possible results of the present conflict with North Korea and events in Nevil Shute’s novel “On The Beach”?

In that sad, almost fatalistic tale, set mostly in Australia, panicked nations have rained radioactive bombs on one another, wiping out all life in the northern hemisphere. As poison is carried south by wind and tide, the cast of characters resign themselves to the inevitable, and prepare to take government-issued poison rather than die in agony.

A man who loves auto racing climbs into his car, puts on his helmet and takes the pills; a submarine captain, with a volunteer crew, takes his vessel seaward for the last time; a young couple with a tiny infant give the baby its shot, rather than let it die after them, then lie down together for the last time.

Does this sound like a possibility? Should we get our fallout shelters ready?

Dave Slocum