Prior year’s data needed for DOE Strive HI report

The Sept. 22 story regarding Maui schools results in the Strive HI Performance System report for 2016-17 school year needs help. We cannot read this information and come to a solid educated reaction without the prior year’s matching report.

As is typical, the Department of Education seldom if ever shares all the needed information that citizens and taxpayers need to evaluate the results of what the DOE is or is not accomplishing for our children and grandchildren. Please take an extra five minutes and always include what you are comparing to in any report.

And secondly, exactly what does DOE do for us but create a large tower full of a bureaucracy that is not in tune with local needs and values? None of the outer islands need a central bureaucracy to guide us.

It is 2017 and plantation days are over. A local school district on each island run by a “local elected” board making local decisions would be directly responsible to the local people for improving all local schools. Give progress a chance.

Don’t be afraid of positive improvement.

L. David Taylor