Ready to concede defeat to observatory protesters

It has been quiet on the volcano for a while, so I thought I would chime in. I’m about ready to concede defeat to the protesters that the new solar observatory on the peaks of Haleakala and the TMT, Thirty Meter Telescope, on the Big Island should be built elsewhere; in the thin stable air of the high mountains of Chile, perhaps.

Who cares if the rest of the world laughs at us and says we are a bunch of know-nothing savages who will put an ancient mythology (sacred mountain) ahead of technological progress. So what if the multi-thousands of dollars are not spent constructing and manning the observatories in Hawaii; so what if UH is not getting the benefits of astronomical research — they are probably just a bunch of nerds playing with telescopes anyway.

I’m old and ready to bite the bullet and let Chile have both observatories. It’s too bad, really. We’ve already had the chance twice but dropped the ball. So far.

Lee Orsbun