Trump not used to people disagreeing with him

Did anybody think that Donald Trump wouldn’t fire anyone? Remember “The Apprentice”? The phrase from the Donald was, “You’re fired.” Only one was left.

Now, he is no politician. What he says goes or you do. He is not used to people being in disagreement with him as he is paying them in his businesses. But now someone else is paying them but it remains the same — agree or be gone.

He has his ideas — some good, some bad — but he believes in them and there is no way to get them to change in him. He is a businessman that likes to have his name on things. Good thing he loves America or it would be Donaldland if he had his way.

He can’t fire Congress. He can try to control them but they really don’t care about him. If he fired an assistant they lose their salary but in Congress you lose you get paid for life so he has no leverage.

If you voted for him you got what you voted for. The government cannot be run like a business and the Donald may find out about that at some time. He even signed a bill that he didn’t like as a compromise to the Senate so he may be loosening up but I doubt it.

It will be an interesting two-plus more years with the swinging door.

Steven Ashfield