Unacceptable for council members to miss meetings

Both divisions of local government have several group meetings that require a quorum to function properly.

On the administrative side, there are over 20 committees, boards and commissions that are composed of unpaid volunteer community members. When each meeting is proposed, if a sufficient number of the nominated volunteers are not available, the meeting is rescheduled. A worse scenario occurs when the required number of members advise they will participate but some do not show up — the meeting is canceled without prior notice.

On the legislative side, we have a County Council composed on nine elected salaried officials, and each of the nine also serves on a some of the eight council committees. They follow a similar process: set a meeting, insure a sufficient number are available and, if so, then publish a notice with the meeting agenda.

Whether paid or unpaid, all of them make a commitment, but as all are human beings, and guava happens, sometimes someone who made a commitment reneges due to personal circumstances. Most times, if it is a single individual, the required quorum is still achieved so the meeting proceeds.

What is really unacceptable and irresponsible is when a number of the salaried council members do not show up for a scheduled meeting. If they do not want to publicly stand up and be counted on a community concern, they should not be on the County Council.

Mike Moran