Voluntary, Earth-friendly choices help environment

I must admit that I am a supporter of the plastic bag and Styrofoam food container ban as well as the restrictions on smoking in our public parks and vehicles with minor passengers. Like so many others, I care about our environment and health issues.

I would love to also see a ban on sunscreen that contains oxybenzone, however this type of legislation often takes much effort to pass and enforce — so for now, education. I am so grateful and happy to learn there are members in our communities that are tackling these issues from another angle.

Chef Lyndon Honda and his crew with the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa have done the research and the Sheraton has voluntarily chosen to switch from single-use plastic straws to paper straws made by Aardvark that they get from Sustainable Island Products. All three restaurants owned by Chef Mark Ellman are going strawless and single-use plastic free hopefully by the end of the year.

Honolua Farms food truck voluntarily uses ecofriendly products and gives out oxybenzone free sunscreen and Trilogy has outfitted their boats with reef-friendly sunscreen.

I’m sure there are many other businesses that voluntarily choose to use Earth-friendly products and I hope we can promote more voluntary switches. If a major resort like the Sheraton can do away with single-use plastic straws, I’d like to challenge all the resorts here in our islands to voluntarily do the same.

Tamara Paltin