‘Wars and rumors of wars’ was a sign Jesus spoke of

“Wars and rumors of wars” was one of the many signs Jesus told of when asked by his disciples when would he return to Earth from his throne upon high next to our father in heaven.

Now, every night as I watch the evening news, I see the ongoing massive military destruction of villages, towns and cities across the globe and I can’t help but think of those words, spoken almost 2,000 years by the prince of peace himself — “Wars and rumors of wars.”

Since 1993 we have become increasingly numb by the horror of police brutality on our streets, the horror of cowardly acts of terrorism (both foreign and domestic) and the horror of our sons and daughters fighting a foreign war against a nearly invisible enemy, in an unwinnable war on — what was it we were fighting for over there, Bin Laden?

The 25 Year War, just as George Orwell had predicted: never-ending, continual warfare, in his prophetic novel “1984,” an all-time classic, published almost seven decades ago.

Mark Kanae Smith