Welakahou Road is not an acceleration ramp

Aloha, fellow road warriors! I am writing to remind those who travel Welakahou Road that the speed limit is 20 miles an hour for a reason.

Akai Street, which intersects with Welakahou, provides egress for a residential subdivision.

Vehicles and people on bicycles frequent this intersection.

When trying to access Weakahou there are two limited sight points — looking east toward South Kihei Road there is a nearby elevation of the roadway that blocks your vision of approaching vehicles, and looking west there is a large power pole.

If you come speeding up or down Welakahou you could encounter a car or bike in the process of entering the roadway.

I’ve had many near misses over the years. Welakahou Road is not the acceleration ramp for the Piilani Speedway.

Mahalo for your aloha and kokua.

Linda Barron