What is emergency siren system preparing us for?

I was informed via an email on the internet that some new sirens would be tested this past week at Makena and Kihei locations. It started me to wonder why we really have a siren system.

I have been here since 1967, so I know the original reason. Then it seemed to morph into a tsunami warning, maybe an earthquake or a volcano eruption! To us locals, it means my rent is due.

My point is this, if the siren goes off at a suspect time, the first thing I’ll do is check my cellphone that would by now be receiving many warnings and advice on what to do. If the siren goes off and nobody near me has a phone that works, I still don’t know what to do. Am I preparing for a tsunami, bombing raid, eruption or what?

I’m as nostalgic as the next guy, but I went to school here in classes that did not have air conditioning and it was hard to concentrate for the kids and the teachers. I’m not sure how much this siren program costs, or how many people it employs, but it seems that the money could be spent in other areas and the employees’ expertise utilized on other projects. Perhaps air-conditioning installation.

Chris Chapman